This is something we see in all kinds of areas in our lives. The dog we pet, the pig we eat. The wrapper we throw on the sidewalk of the park but not in our own garden. We take better care of the necklace we inherited from our grandma than the one we bought for $3 at some shop we can't remember. When we hear about a car crash one town over we might murmur one sentence about how horrible it is and then we go on with our lives like nothing happened, but when we see a car crash happen right in front of us, we are completely shocked, even if there's no relation to the victims other than... you just saw them.

The animal we feel connected to because it's so much like us and lives among us, our grandma we love SO much, someone we saw driving by just now... The connection can be strong and profound or superficial and fleeting, but as long as there is one: we care.

One of the most important forms of caring for us and the world to function properly, to survive, is self care. When we feel disconnected of who we are, a possible first sign of depression, we stop taking care of ourselves, our bodies, our homes. Then we stop taking care of relationships, work and everything around us. We need the connection. To ourselves, to others, to nature. To life.

We are one. So let's connect. Let's look at everything from a conscious point of view. Let's grab our own hands and thank our bodies for being here, for keeping us safe. Let's promise our bodies to keep them safe, to take good care of them. Let's take a walk with Mother Nature and be grateful for the beauty, oxygen and peace she provides. Let's promise her to take better care of her, to keep her clean and help her thrive and bloom. Let's no longer close our eyes to what's happening to animals behind closed doors and promise the animal kingdom to love and protect it. To not take advantage of it and do it no harm, because animals are inhabitants of the earth, just like us. Because they feel fear and pain, just like us. Let's call our loved ones and tell them we love them and need them, and promise them to be there, always. Let's look at everything we own, from the big, warm sweater we bury ourselves in when it's cold to the plant that's adorning your living room. Let's promise ourselves to wash and water them carefully, so they can continue to warm and adorn. Let's promise ourselves and the world to be nice. To our mom, our neighbor, the mailman and the waiter. Everyone.

Doing all this is self care in its purest form.

Because we are one.

With love,

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